Fall Favorites

Happy Fall to all our Keepsayk family and friends! It’s the beginning of November, halfway through fall, and here in Chicago we are still experiencing unusually balmy weather conditions! Although the days may be getting shorter, we have been blessed with an extended amount of warm weather and sunshine – which is perfect for getting out and enjoying what fall has to offer.

I have to admit – fall is one of my favorite times of year: football games, bowls of chili, apple orchards and pumpkin farms, trees changing color, cozy sweaters (if the weather ever gets cool enough) and of course Halloween! And how could I forget that this all leads up to my ABSOLUTE favorite time of year – Christmas!

Whether you are cheering on your favorite football team, picking apples with family and friends, or enjoying the serenity and beauty of nature during a fall color hike, Keepsayk will be there with you! The Keepsayk app can capture it all right in the moment – you can start creating a scrapbook full of fall fun from anywhere. Include pictures from your favorite costume party, video of the Halloween parade, and the award-winning pumpkin you carved – whatever means fall to you. You can even add text posts and captions to tell the whole story (handy for explaining why you ate more apples than you picked, or who was hiding behind that really scary mask!).

The best part is that no matter where you go or what you choose to do on your perfect fall day, you can create your own Keepsayk scrapbook and share it for others to enjoy! Email or text it to your family, share it with your friends on Facebook, or pin it to your inspiration board. You can even order your scrapbook as a beautiful printed hardcover book right from the app or web (did we say Christmas is right around the corner?)!

Whatever it is you love about fall, Keepsayk will help you take those priceless photo & video memories you’ve gathered and turn them into the perfect digital AND printed scrapbook to enjoy for seasons to come. Enjoy creating your fall Keepsayks – we’ll see you during the holidays!