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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is Keepsayk?
Keepsayk is a free iPhone app that allows you to create instant scrapbooks® using photos, videos and text that you can enjoy yourself or share online with friends and family. You can download it from the app store here.
What’s an instant scrapbook?
A scrapbook is a collection of your photos, videos and text automatically presented in simple, beautiful page layouts. You can get creative by adding captions and cropping photos, or changing layouts with a single tap in edit mode.
Do I need a Dropbox account to use Keepsayk?
You can create as many scrapbooks on your device as you like without using Dropbox. When you’re ready to share your scrapbooks, Keepsayk will need to be connected to a Dropbox account and the scrapbook contents will need to be uploaded. It’s easy to sign up for a free 2GB account right from the Keepsayk app.
Will there be a Mac/Android/Windows Phone version of the app?
Keepsayk is only available for iOS at the moment. We’ll continue to investigate other platforms as the app grows.

Sharing scrapbooks

How can I share my scrapbooks privately?
There are three available privacy settings for each scrapbook: Private scrapbooks are viewable on your device only and cannot be shared. Protected scrapbooks can be shared online and include a password that you can set or change at any time. Public scrapbooks can be viewed online by anyone with a link, and can be posted on social media including Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.
Can I embed a scrapbook on my website or blog?
Any scrapbook with sharing set to public can be embedded. To get the embed code for a public scrapbook visit it on the web, tap the share icon, and then the orange embed icon.
My website or blog won’t let me embed a scrapbook or just shows a link. How come?
Some hosts or content management systems put restrictions on what kind of content can be embedded on a page or post. If you’re having a problem embedding a scrapbook, please let us know via our support page and we’ll try to help.